Duration   08/2016
Funded by   5x5000 Stabstelle E-Learning
Researchers   Claudia Mazziotti, Valentina Nachtigall, Prof. Dr. Nikol Rummel, Gina Krüger
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Project description

Goal of the 5x5000-project is the development and formative evaluation of an innovative and practice related CLIP-principle (C = Construction of explanation videos in small groups; L = Learning by teaching; I = Inspection of videos; P = Peerfeedback) for seminars with learning theories as targeted learning topic. The heart of our “Explain it with a CLIP”-principle is the construction of explanation videos - the trend of the biggest German eLearning-fair. To acquire a robust understanding and to easily transfer the theories into practice, the core contents should be explained in a comprehensible manner.
Due to our Online-CLIP-Channel students are able to watch the videoclips any time and to flexibly make use of them (e.g., to prepare for exams). The main focus of our CLIP-principle lies on collaborative learning as well as on giving and receiving (peer-) feedback. As a final step we plan to conduct summative evaluations of our CLIP-principle.

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