Problem-Based Learning and Structured Collaboration in a machine learning class [Problembasiertes Lernen mit strukturierter Gruppenarbeit im Kurs Maschinelles Lernen]

Intelligent support for small group collaboration in online settings in higher education [Intelligente Unterstützung für Kleingruppen in der online-gestützten Hochschullehre]

Duration   03/2017 - 02/2020
Funded by   Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung [Federal Ministry of Education and Research]
Researchers   Prof. Dr. Nikol Rummel, Sebastian Strauß
External Partners   Monique Janneck (University of Applied Sciences Lübeck), Prof. Nicole Krämer, Prof. Ulrich Hoppe (University of Duisburg-Essen)

Project description

IKARion aims at creating methods to ensure efficient collaboration within small learning groups in the context of online teaching by means of automatic diagnose and interventions in form of adaptive support. To this end, problems during collaboration will automatically detected and diagnosed based on the group members’ interaction. Using expertise from both, educational psychology and social/ media psychology, situation specific interventions will be designed and modeled algorithmically, in order to structure collaboration in a way that allows fruitful interaction among the group-members. This support can be implemented in regular university teaching (e.g. seminars), but also within settings in which enduring and close support by teachers cannot be realized due to large numbers of participants (e.g. MOOCs)..

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