PhD Joe Dewhurst

Visit: June 2018
Research Area: Folk Psychology and cognitive structures
Department of Philosophy
University of Edinburgh

Foto Joe Dewhurst
PhD Antonella Tramacere

Visit: March 2018
Research Area: Predictive Processing, Mirror Neurons and the Self
Berlin School of Mind and Brain
Humboldt University Berlin

Foto Antonella Tramacere
PhD Mihnea Capraru

Visit: May – June 2017
Research Area: Philosophy of Mind and Language, Cognitive Science
Dept. of Philosophy
Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

Foto Mihnea Capraru
Prof. Robert Rupert

Visit: May 2016 – July 2017
Research Area: cognitive systems, representation and computation, extended mind and situated cognition
Depart. of Philosophy
University of Colorado, Boulder (USA)

Foto Robert Rupert
J. Suilin Lavelle

Visit: March 2017
Research Area: Social Cognition
Dept. of Philosophy
University of Edinburgh

Foto J. Suilin Lavelle
PhD Frank Esken

Visit: April- June 2016
Research Area: Social Cognition
Universität Salzburg

Foto Frank Esken
PhD Student Karina Vold

Visit: September - November 2015
Research Area: Extended Mind
DAAD Exchange Stipent
McGill University, Canada

Foto Karina Vold
Richard Menary

Visit: March - April 2015
Research Areas: Philosophy of Mind, 4E Cognition, Theory of Mind, Pragmatism
Depart. of Philosophy
Kings College London, UK

Foto Richard Menary
Carlos Mario Munoz-Suare

Visit: March - May 2015
Research Areas: Visibility and Visuality
PERSP Project, Logos Research Group in Analytic Philosophy,
Universitat de Barcelona

Foto Carlos Mario Munoz-Suare
Cristina Amoretti

Visit: February - March 2015
Research Areas: Davidson, Triangulation, Epistemology
Depart. of Philosophy
Università di Genova

Foto Cristina Amoretti
Vivian Bohl

Visit: October 2014 - July 2015
Research Areas: philosophy of mind, phenomenology, social cognition.
University of Tartu

Foto Vivian Bohl
MA Mirko Farina

Visit: September - October 2014
Research Areas: Extended Mind, Dynamical Systems
Edinburgh, Sydney

Foto Mirko Farina
Prof. Shannon Spaulding

Visit: May - June 2014
Research Areas: Social Cognition, Embodied Cognition
Oklahoma State

Foto Shannon Spaulding