Team Philosophy of Conciousness & Cognition


M.A. (phil) Krzysztof Dolega

Krys has been a grooup member from the start in 2014. His dissertation topic was Content and Consciousness in Predictive Processing. During his PhD project he spent research visits at Tufts to work with Daniel Dennett who was his second thesis supervisor.
PhD (Phil.): Bochum
M.A. (Phil.): Edinburgh
B.A. (Phil.): Warsaw

Tel.: 0234 32 - 21784

PhD Nina Poth

Research Training Group Situated Cognition
Nina has just joined the group in spring 2020, armed with a PhD from the University of Edinburgh. She specializes in Bayesian theories of cognition and she will investigate mental phenomena from this angle.
M.A. (Phil.): University of Edinburgh
M.A. (Phil.): Ruhr University Bochum


PhD Tobias Starzak

Tobias has joined the group in 2018, after having specialized on the topic of Animal Minds and Rationality. He is working in the interdisciplinary project The structure and development of understanding actions and reason, funded by the DFG, which is carried out in collaboration with research groups led by Albert Newen (Bochum), Hans-Johann Glock (Zürich), and Josef Perner (Salzburg). Tobais is also interested in the notion of cognition as it applies to biological systems generally, e.g. bacteria and plants.
PhD (Phil.): Ruhr University Bochum
M.A. (Phil.): University of Cologne


Foto Tobias Starzak
PhD Elmarie Venter

Research Training Group Situated Cognition Elmarie finished her PhD in 2020 as member of the Research Training Group on Situated Cognition. Her dissertation topic was Perceiving Agents. Situating Self and Other in a predictive coding framework, with Robert Rupert being her second thesis supervisor. She is now working out a project proposal on decision-making within the predictive processing framework.
M.A. (Phil./ Cogn. Sc.): University of Kwa-Zulu Natal

B.A. (Phil. & Psych.): University of Kwa-Zulu Natal



Bartosz Radomski

Dissertation topic: Cognition in biological and artificial systems
Second supervisor: Prof. Mark Sprevak (Edinburgh)
Like Elmarie, Bartosz is a member of the Research Training Group on Situated Cognition, but of the second cohort (2020-2023). In his MA thesis, he already investigated the theoretical status of the Free Energy Principle, and continues his interest in foundational theories of cognition, discussing the relations between the free energy approach and the enactive approach based on autopoiesis which are both connected via their interpretations of the notion of adaptivity.
M.Sc. (Cogn.Sc.): Ruhr University Bochum
B.A. (Phil. & Economics): University of Edinburgh

Foto Bartosz Radomski


BA Paola Gega

Project focus: Predictive Coding
M.Sc. Cognitive Science
BA (Cognitive Science): University of Osnabrück

GAFO 04/979

Foto Paola Gega
BA Firuze Ebrar Mullaoglu

Firuze is pursuing an MA in Cognitive Science and joined in 2021. Her BA thesis discussed the effects of psychological distance on stereotyping, middle way orientation and cognitive flexibility.
BA (Psych.): Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University

GAFO 04/979

Foto Firuze Ebrar Mullaoglu
BA Caroline Stankozi

Caroline is pursuing an MA in Philosophy with a special interest in philosophy of mind and cognition. In particular, she has already written a BA thesis on whether minimal cognition requires a nervous system (supervisor: Prof. Christian Nimtz & PD Dr. Peter Schulte).
BA Phil. & Sociology (Bielefeld)

GAFO 04/979

Foto Caroline Stankozi


Nadine Overkamp

- Administration of third-party funds
- Coordination of study matters
- Organization of workshops and conferences
- Service & Support for International Guests
GA 3/146

Foto Nadine Overkamp

Past Members:

Dr. Santiago Arango Muñoz, PhD Bochum 2014, now Universitdad de Antioquia (Colombia)

Dr. Anne-Sophie Brüggen, PhD Bochum 2014, now outside academia, consultung firm

Dr. Mark-Oliver Casper, PhD Bochum 2018, now University of Kassel

Dr. Judith Martens, PhD Bochum 2018, now University of Antwerp

Dr. Luke Roelofs, PhD Toronto 2015, now NYU

Dr. Joulia Smortchkova, PhD Paris 2014, now University of Oxford

Dr. Alfredo Vernazzani, PhD Bochum 2018, now Ruhr-University Bochum

Giulia Weißmann, MA Bochum, now PhD program in Pittsburgh (former student assistant)

Nike Zohm, MA (former student assistant)