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Cover Kant and Racial Discrimination                           

Kant and Racial Discrimination          




  Programmflyer Kant Und Rassismus Fin-1

Book Symposium:
Kant, Race, and Racism. Views from Somewhere, by Huaping Lu-Adler (Oxford, 2023)
June 15-17.2023




Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Tuebingen, supervised by Prof. Otfried Höffe. Dissertation: “Das Minimum der reinen praktischen Vernunft. Vom Kategorischen Imperativ zum allgemeinen Rechtsprinzip bei Kant“, 2013


Ethics; Political and Legal Philosophy; Kant´s (Practical) Philosophy; Critical Theories of Race; Intersectionality

Selected Publications



Das Minimum der reinen praktischen Vernunft". (The Minimum of the Pure Practical Reason).Kant-Studien. Berlin/New York, De Gruyter, 2013 (peer-reviewed).
(Reviews: Cubo, Oscar, Kant-Studien 107/3, 2016, 581–585; Gillessen, Jens, Methodus. Internationale Zeitschrift für Philosophie der Neuzeit 8, 2016, 96–112)

Edited Volumes
John Rawls. Das Recht der Völker. Klassiker Auslegen (John Rawls. The Law of Peoples. A Commentary). Co-edited with Hahn Henning, Berlin/New York, De Gruyter, 2019.

Kant und Menschenrechte (Kant and Human Rights). Kant-Studien. Berlin/New York, De Gruyter 2018 (peer-reviewed). (Japanese translation to be published by Hosei University Press in 2022)



“Juridical Empowerment. Empowering the Impoverished as Rights-Asserters”. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice (forthcoming) (peer-reviewed).


“Menschenrechte” (“Rawls on Human Rights”). In: Rawls-Handbuch. Reder, Michael/Schimdt, Thomas M./Frühbauer, Johannes (eds.), Stuttgart, J.B. Metzler Verlag 2022. (forthcoming).

“Kantischer Konstruktivismus” (“Kantian Constructivism”). In: Rawls-Handbuch. Reder, Michael/Schimdt, Thomas M./Frühbauer, Johannes (eds.), Stuttgart, J.B. Metzler Verlag 2022 (forthcoming).

“Armut bei Kant” (“Kant on Poverty”). In: Handbuch Philosophie und Armut, Schweiger, Gottfried/Sedmak, Clemens (eds.), J.B. Metzler Verlag, 2021, 121–127.


“Die Politische Konzeption der Menschenrechte und ihre Kritiker” (“The Political Conception of Human Rights and its Critics”). Information Philosophie 2020/3, 2020, 24–30.

“A Semi-Kantian Account of Dignity: Passing the Buck whilst Regulating Reasons for Human Rights”. In: Kant’s Concept of Dignity. Kato, Yasushi/Schoenrich, Gerhard (eds.), Berlin/New York, De Gruyter, 2019, 73–96 (Japanese translation to be published by Iwanami Shoten Publishers, Tokyo)

“Rawls’ Menschenrechtskonzeption” (“Rawls’ Conception of Human Rights”). In: John Rawls, Das Recht der Völker. Klassiker Auslegen. Hahn, Henning/Mosayebi, Reza (eds.), Berlin/New York, De Gruyter, 2019, 97–116.

“Über reduktive Darstellungen der Moraltheorie der Menschenrechte” (“On Reductive Representations of the Moral Theories of Human Rights”). Philosophie der Menschenrechte. Ringkamp, Daniela/Widdau, Christoph Sebastian (eds.), Berlin, Logos, 2019, 13–38.

ISBN 978-3-8325-4799-8

“Kants Republikanismus, der Mensch als Selbstzweck und Menschenrechte” (“Kant’s Republicanism, the Human Being as an End in Itself and Human Rights”). In: Kants Naturrecht Feyerabend. Analysen und Perspektiven. Ruffing, Margit/Schlitte, Annika (eds.), Berlin/New York, De Gruyter, 2019, 249–262.

“Homo noumenon und die aktive und die passive Seite der Selbstverpflichtung” (“Homo Noumeneon and the Active and the Passive Sides of the Self-Obligation”). In: Natur und Freiheit. Weibel, Violetta/Ruffing, Margit/Wagner, David (eds.), Berlin/New York, De Gruyter, 2018, 1985–1992.


“Einleitung: Kant und Menschenrechte – Potenziale und Probleme” (“Introduction: Kant and Human Rights – Potentials and Problems”). In: Kant und Menschenrechte. Mosayebi, Reza (ed.), De Gruyter, 2018, 1–34.

“Die Behauptung eigener Menschenrechte als Selbstforderung” (“Asserting one’s own Human Rights as a Self-Regarding Demand”). In: Kant und Menschenrechte. Mosayebi, Reza (ed.), Berlin/New York, De Gruyter, 2018, 267–303.

“Die ‘Definition’ der Vernunftreligion” (“The ‘Definition’ of the Religion of Reason”). In: Die Religion innerhalb der Grenzen der bloßen Vernunft. Klassiker Auslegen. Höffe, Otfried (ed.), Berlin/New York, Akademie Verlag, 2010, 249–270.


REVIEWS (selected)

“Trampota, A./Sensen, O./Timmermann, J. (Eds.) 2013. Kant’s “Tugendlhere”. A Comprehensive Commentary. De Gruyter”. Archive für Geschichte der Philosophie, Vol. 96/3, 2014, 396–405.

Invited Talks/ Refereed Conference Presentations (selected)

"Race, Enlightement, and Equality", Goethe-Institute Amsterdam, March 2024.

"Kant's Metaphysics of Race". Digital Kant Lectures, August 2023.

"'Do Not Make Yourself a Mere Means for Others...' A Kantian Anti-Racist Account".
   International Conference: Kant and Migration. Inclusion/Exclusion, University of Bristol, July 2023.

"Kant's Cosmopolitanism, Peace and the Problem of Race", Collegium Giessenum, May 2023.

"Kant, Intersectionality, and the Worst Off", Virtual NAKS, October 2022.

"Kant's Cosmopolitanism and Race Mixing", Complutense University of Madrid, October 2022.

"Public Reasoning for Human Rights and Human Rights Culture". ECPR General Conference, Breslau, September 2019.

"Kant´s Honestas Iuridica and Global Poverty". The 13th International Kant Congress, Oslo, August 2019.

"On the Indispensability of Moral Reasoning for Human Rights".X. Conference of the German Society for Analytic Philosophy (GAP), University of Cologne, September 2018; University of Magdeburg, June 2018.

“Vier Merkmale der ‘Politischen Konzeption’ der Menschenrechte und deren Inkohärenz” (“Four Features of the ‘Political Conception’ of Human Rights and their Incoherence”). XXIV. Deutscher Kongress für Philosophie, Berlin, September 2017.

“Über ein Unterscheidungskriterium für sozio-ökonomische Menschenrechte” (“A Determining Criterion of Socio-Economic Human Rights”). Conference on Social Human Rights, University of Kassel, Germany, June 2017.

"A ‘Buck-Passing Account’ of Kant’s Conception of Human Dignity”, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, July 2017.

"A ‘Buck-Passing Account’ of Human Dignity”. Final Conference: The Future of Human Dignity, Utrecht, October 2016.

“Security, Dignity, and Human Rights”, Inter University Center Dubrovnik, Croatia, September 2016.

“Motivational Judgment Internalism und der Fall des moralisch Bösen” (“Motivational Judgment Internalism and the Case of Moral Evil”). XXIII. Deutscher Kongress für Philosphie, University of Münster, Germany, October 2015.

“Die Behauptung eigener Menschenrechte als Selbstforderung” (“Asserting One’s own Human Rights as a Self-Regarding Duty”). Free University of Berlin, January 2015.

“Konzeptionelle Bedingungen zur Identifizierung von Menschenrechtsverletzungen” (“Conceptual Conditions for the Identification of Human Rights Violations”). University of Regensburg, Germany, June 2014; Free University of Berlin, February 2014.

“Kant über homo noumenon” (“Kant on homo noumenon”). Centre for Kant Commentary and Interpretation (ZetKIK), University of Siegen, Germany, January 2013.

“Herausforderungen für die Begründung der Menschenrechte” (“Challenges for the Foundation of Human Rights”). Studium Generale, University of Tübingen, Germany, April 2012.

“Die Selbstkontrarietät der Menschenrechte” (“The Self-Contrariety of Human Rights”). Hanover Institute of Philosophical Research (FIPH), Germany, May 2012.

Fellowships and Awards (selected)

Visitor, King’s College London (invited by Prof. John Tasioulas), 02–03/2019

Fellow of the Global Young Faculty, workgroup: “Spaces of Dignity” (Ruhr Area, Mercator Foundation), 10/2017–03/2019
Fellow, Hannover Institute of Philosophical Research (FIPH), 11/2011-07/2012

Fellow, Fritz Thyssen Foundation, 2009-2011

Visiting Fellow, Harvard University, Department of Philosophy (invited by Prof. Christine Korsgaard), 01–11/2011

Current Work

I am working on a new project on the prospects, limits, and flaws of Kantian accounts for intersectionality, with a particular focus on race.

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