Research group on "Competence development and competence modeling"

The research lab "Competence Development and Competence Modeling" examines learning processes that lie at the crossroads of school and out-of-school education. Special attention is given to the study of learning about science topics, which today often takes place in digital information environments. We examine the reading skills people need to acquire knowledge without falling for misinformation and the metacognitive control of the learning process.
Based on basic psychological research, we continuously develop and evaluate evidence-based interventions aimed at enhancing the competencies required for informal learning in digital information environments.

Most recent publications

  • Schuster, C., Stebner, F., Geukes, S., Jansen, M., Leutner, D. & Wirth, J. (2023). The effects of direct and indirect training in metacognitive learning strategies on near and far transfer in self-regulated learning. Learning and Instruction, 83, 101708.
  • Stebner, F., Schuster, C., Weber, X.-L., Greiff, S., Leutner, D. & Wirth, J. (2022). Transfer of metacognitive skills in self-regulated learning: effects on strategy application and content knowledge acquisition. Metacognition and Learning.
  • Scharrer, L., Pape, V., & Stadtler, M. (2022). Watch Out: Fake! How Warning Labels Affect Laypeople’s Evaluation of Simplified Scientific Misinformation, Discourse Processes.
  • Stadtler, M. & Schuster, C. (im Druck). Experimentelle Herangehensweisen an die Evaluation von Maßnahmen der Wissenschaftskommunikation. In: P. Niemann, V. van den Bogaert, R. Ziegler (Hrsg.) Evaluationsmethoden der Wissenschaftskommunikation. Springer.

Most recent talks

  • Marten, P, Aßmann, S. & Stadtler, M. (2022, November). Effekte der Förderung von Quellenbewertungskompetenz bei Jugendlichen durch strategieorientiertes Training. Paper presented at the WiSuaL Conference, Bochum.
  • Baumgarten, C., Krabbe, H., Kollar, I. & Stadtler, M. (2022, November). Sehen vier Augen wirklich mehr? Effekte eines Kollaborationsskripts und eines Reflexionsprompts auf die Bewertung von Internetquellen. Paper presented at the WiSuaL Conference, Bochum.
  • Schuster, C., Alef, M., Mierwald, M. Brauch, N. & Stadtler, M. (2022, November). Metacomprehension in multiple document reading – Does generating delayed summaries lead to improved judgment accuracy? Paper presented at the WiSuaL Conference, Bochum.