Psychology of Education Research Group

Our Research Philosophy

Our research group investigates processes of learning and instruction from the perspective of instructional and motivational psychology. Core topics are…

  • …the interplay of generative learning processes and retrieval practice
  • …the design of practice quizzing
  • …the optimization of means to enhance metacognitive judgment accuracy
  • …learning from teaching on video

In investigating these core topics, we are interested (a) in underlying cognitive, motivational, and metacognitive mechanisms (i.e., use-inspired basic research), (b) in designing and evaluating applications of our basic findings for educational practice (i.e., applied research), and (c) in exploring the use of digital technology in optimizing the respective instructional support measures

Our Three Most Recent Publications


  • Roelle, J., Schweppe, J., Endres, T., Lachner, A., von Aufschnaiter, C., Renkl, A., Eitel, A., Leutner, D., Rummer, R., Scheiter, K., & Vorholzer, A. (in press). Combining retrieval practice and generative learning in educational contexts: Promises and challenges. Zeitschrift für Entwicklungspsychologie und Pädagogische Psychologie.
  • Richter, T., Berger, R., Ebersbach, M., Eitel, A., Endres, T., Borromeo Ferri, R., Hänze, M., Lachner, A., Leutner, D., Lipowsky, F., Nemeth, L., Renkl, A., Roelle, J., Rummer, R., Scheiter, K., Schweppe, J., von Aufschnaiter, C., & Vorholzer, A. (in press). How to promote lasting learning in schools: Theoretical approaches and an agenda for research. Zeitschrift für Entwicklungspsychologie und Pädagogische Psychologie.
  • Waldeyer, J., Dicke, T., Fleischer, J., Guo, J., Trentepohl, S., Wirth, J., & Leutner, D. (2022). A moderated mediation analysis of conscientiousness, time management strategies, effort regulation strategies, and university students' performance. Learning and Individual Differences, 100, Article 102228.


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