Psychology of Education Research Group

Our Research Philosophy

Our research group investigates processes of learning and instruction from the perspective of instructional and motivational psychology. Core topics are…

  • …the interplay of generative learning processes and retrieval practice
  • …the design of practice quizzing
  • …the optimization of means to enhance metacognitive judgment accuracy
  • …learning from teaching on video

In investigating these core topics, we are interested (a) in underlying cognitive, motivational, and metacognitive mechanisms (i.e., use-inspired basic research), (b) in designing and evaluating applications of our basic findings for educational practice (i.e., applied research), and (c) in exploring the use of digital technology in optimizing the respective instructional support measures.

Our Three Most Recent Publications

  • Abel, R., de Bruin, A., Onan, E., & Roelle, J. (2024). Why do learners (under)utilize interleaving in learning confusable categories? The role of metastrategic knowledge and utility value of distinguishing. Educational Psychology Review, 36(64), Article 11.
  • Panadero, E., Fernández Ortube, A., Krebs, R., & Roelle, J. (2024). Analysis of rubrics online platforms: in search of the erubric. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education.
  • Abel, R., Roelle, J., & Stadter, M. (2024). Whom to believe? Fostering source evaluation skills with interleaved presentation of untrustworthy and trustworthy social media sources. Discourse Processes, 61(4-5), 233254.


M.A. Nadine Overkamp
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