How do Rubrics Promote Monitoring and Regulation?

Project Information

Title How do Rubrics Promote Monitoring and Regulation?


07/2020 - 07/2023


Professional School of Education (PSE)


Prof. Dr. Julian Roelle, Prof. Dr. Björn Rothstein


Dr. Julia Waldeyer

Ph.D. Student

M.A. Rebecca Krebs


Prof. Dr. Ernesto Panadero

Project Description

Rubrics are a frequently implemented tool for improving learning performance. Their effectiveness is often attributed to the fact that they improve learners' self-assessment accuracy and, as a result, encourage more accurate regulation, which in turn should lead to improved performance. However, little empirical evidence regarding this mechanism exists. The research project, which is part of the MeMo-akS doctoral programme ( of the Professional School of Education (, aims to explore the underlying mechanism of how rubrics exert ther benefits in more detail and to identify intervention options that meaningfully support learners in self-assessment.

Further information concerning the research project can be found here.