Research Perspectives

The Psychology of Education Research Group investigates learning and teaching processes from three perspectives:

  1. Basic Research Perspective (cognitive, metacognitive, motivational))
    • ​​What are the "active ingredients" of instructional means and via which cognitive and metacognitive processes do they influence learning outcomes?
    • What motivational consequences do instructional means have and on which motivational learning prerequisites do their effects depend?
  2. Application and Optimization Perspective
    • ​​How can typical instructional problems be solved efficiently and how can basic findings from instructional psychology be used in practice (e.g. for the design of school learning)?
  3. Digitization Perspective
    • ​​​​​​How can instructional means be improved by incorporating digital technology?

We pursue these questions mainly in laboratory and field experiments in school and university contexts. In particular, the studies related to the Application and Optimization Perspective and the studies related to the Digitization Perspective are usually interdisciplinary (e.g. cooperation with colleagues from the subject didactics). 

Current Research Projects