Applications for inclusion in the doctoral register are possible ONLY according to the doctoral regulations of 16 Nov. 2022. Doctoral candidates who have already been listed in our doctoral register as of 16 Nov. 2022 may finish their procedure according to the doctoral regulations of 16 Sept. 2022, alternatively 20 Mar. 2012. However, when applying for admission to doctoral studies, they can also request to complete their procedure according to the current doctoral regulations of 2022.

Note: At present, enrolment in the doctoral programme in philosophy (according to sec. 6a PO, completion within the standard course-/study-duration “Regelstudienzeit”) is NOT possible!

In the following two sets of forms, you will find the necessary forms to be accepted as a doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Science, respectively to be admitted to the doctoral procedure.


The doctoral committee will meet 2 times per semester.

Summer semester 2024: am 10. April 2024 and 03. July 2024

Any applications/petitions are to be submitted at least 14 days before the corresponding meeting.

If you need support regarding your doctorate, please do not hesitate to contact the RUB Research School. The RUB Research School is the campus-wide graduate school for all doctoral students at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. It supports researchers in various areas such as funding, networking, or skills development.